If you have been patronizing the medicinal benefits of cannabis, you probably know how to make the most out of every strain.

Two words can sum up how to preserve cannabis freshness and potency: PROPER STORAGE.

Why We Need to Store Cannabis Properly

Terpenes are the components in cannabis that are responsible for giving it its distinct flavor, and scent. However, these components break down over time – if not stored properly. As for medical cannabis, the cannabinoids are also the healing properties of cannabis which break down as well, especially if they’re exposed to several factors such as oxygen, heat, and light.

How Long is Medical Cannabis Good For?

You can take advantage of cannabis from six months up to a year since it was purchased. That is if you store it properly. Considering the cannabis strain was harvested, dried, and properly cured as well.

Medical cannabis users might have to follow the six-month rule after acquiring the strain. To get the most out of the healing compounds in cannabis, try consuming it within six months from when it was purchased.

Tips for Storing Medical Cannabis

1. Ditch the Plastic

Your cannabis might come in a plastic bag once purchased. Once you have it safe at home, ditch the plastic bag. You know how plastic is bad for the environment. Well, the same applies to cannabis too. Plastic can emit chemicals which are terrible for the strain. Plus, the static charge in plastic loves terpenes, cannabinoids, and trichomes where most of the THC is found. When these components stick to the plastic bag, it makes the weed less potent.

2. Store Cannabis in Airtight Glass Jars

It’s best to choose black-colored, airtight glass jars or mason jars as much as possible when storing medical cannabis. Glass, in general, is not as permeable as its plastic counterpart. Which means, less air, heat, and light can penetrate the cannabis keeping it fresh and potent for a long time. Plus, a glass jar with an airtight seal is the best way to store marijuana because it prevents the odor from escaping.

3. Store it in a Cool and Dark Place

When cannabis is in the process of being cultivated, it’s essential that growers protect it from the heat and light as these factors can put too much stress on the flowers. The same goes when storing pot, try to keep the right temperatures when storing your medical cannabis which is around 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius). And keep it away from sunlight as this causes trichome loss as well.

4. Use a Humidity Pack

If you don’t want to deal with the guesswork of the right amount of humidity when storing medical cannabis, use a humidity pack. Not only do humidity packs control humidity levels, but they also inhibit mold growth. For your information, the right humidity levels are between 58 percent to 62 percent.

5. Never Store Cannabis in A Freezer

Whoever said storing cannabis in a freezer is probably a neophyte in the industry. The freezer has unstable temperatures and humidity levels which can separate the trichomes from the weed. So by all means, keep it off the fridge!

6. Store Different Strains Separately

Different strains also have different terpene content which accounts for the different flavors and scents pot has. You want to preserve each flavor and scent to enjoy its distinction. Buy separate glass jars for each kind of strain so as not to mix the flavors and fragrances.

7. Keep Out of Reach of Children

The best tip for storing medical cannabis is to keep it safe from children, animals, or prying people. Always make sure you keep it in a high place, so it’s inconspicuous from children.

Author Bio: Leanne Brooks is an ardent blogger who loves to share innovative ideas on promoting mental and physical health. As an advocate of legalization, she writes about medical and recreational marijuana and its health benefits. She is currently working for the Green Society, one of the leading online dispensaries in Canada, which offers the best quality locally-sourced cannabis from craft cannabis connoisseurs.