If you live in Indiana, you’ve probably started hearing ads on the radio about where to buy CBD oil in your area. You have probably heard people talk about CBD oil and how it’s legal in Indiana now. So where should you buy CBD oil in Indiana? Is CBD Oil legal in Indiana? Let’s talk about CBD in Indiana.

Like the rest of the states in the United States, Indiana has legalized CBD oil and CBD products. The legal process for CBD in Indiana was long and painful. Shops were raided and people were arrested because of the confusion and misinformation that CBD is the same as marijuana. Regardless, as of March, the Indiana state senate approved Act 52. This makes it legal in the state of Indiana for anyone to buy CBD oil.

However, not all CBD Oil is legal in Indiana. Indiana has different regulations for labeling than all of the other states. Also, many of the little shops popping up are selling the cheapest CBD oil they can find. You should be cautious when buying CBD in Indiana. If you are caught with misrepresented, fraudulent, or incorrectly labeled CBD oil, you could get in trouble for possessing it. With that said, let’s discuss regulations for CBD in Indiana.

All CBD in Indiana Requires a QR Code on the Label

All CBD in Indiana requires a QR code. So far, Indiana is the only state in the United States that requires a QR code on the label. However, it looks like other states may soon follow suit on this regulation. But what is a QR code?

A QR code, or Quick Response code, is similar to a bar code or UPC code. It’s a unique square block that contains data and can be scanned similar to a bar code. With an app on your smart phone, you can use your camera to scan the QR code. This will cause your smart phone to open a URL based on the unique QR code. Of course, how does this make CBD oil legal in Indiana? The QR code on the CBD label will link to a website with the batch information for that CBD product. This leads to a very interesting point.

CBD in Indiana is Required to be Lab Tested

So, in order for CBD Oil to be legal in Indiana, a QR code linking to the batch must be on the label of every CBD product. In turn, this means that all CBD oil, in order to be legal in Indiana, must be lab tested. Interestingly, most CBD oil is not lab tested. There are many CBD oil companies out there that have no certifications, that include pesticides in products, and that just don’t have any lab testing that they do.

Buyer beware. The government is working hard to try to regulate and crack down on CBD companies that are producing or selling CBD products that are toxic (containing pesticides or pathogens), that have over the THC limit, have a lower concentration of CBD than labeled, or otherwise misrepresenting their CBD products.

CBD Oil in Indiana Must Contain Less Than 0.3% THC

In order for CBD oil to be legal in Indiana, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. So, what is THC? THC is just another cannabinoid, like CBD. However, THC is the substance in Marijuana that gives a person the effect of being high. When CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, it is considered to be THC free. This is because 0.3% is considered “trace amounts” and will not cause the consumer to “get high” from it.

Importantly, this is the standard for CBD products in all of the United States. However, many companies do not lab test their products to prove that they meet these requirements. Furthermore, much of the industrial hemp will produce more than 0.3% THC naturally. So it is important to buy CBD oil from a company that follows the correct production and testing process.

Conclusion: Buy CBD Oil that is Certified Organic and Lab Tested

The path to legal CBD in Indiana was much longer than most states due to confusion from local authorities. However, they have now legalized it officially at a state level. With the legalization, comes a few requirements. Indiana implemented these requirements with good reason. Not all CBD products are created to quality standards for human consumption. It is important for you, the consumer, to buy CBD oil from companies that are certified and perform lab tests on their products.

With that said, we recommend that you buy CBD oil online, from a company that meets all of the quality and labeling standards. Many of the small, local shops will buy in bulk the cheapest products they can find, then sell them for as much as they can. Many of them go and add QR code stickers to the product that go to false lab reports. If you are unsure that your CBD is working for you, or are uncertain about the shop you are buying from, buy CBD oil online from us. You shouldn’t have to feel hesitant or unsure about your CBD products. You should feel natural, happy, and healthy.