PMS can be a very tough time for many women. Though some women suffer more than others, PMS can have a variety of effects ranging from severe cramps to headaches. In this article, we will discuss a common question. Can CBD oil help with PMS symptoms?

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome): Exactly What is PMS?

So, what causes PMS? As most of you reading this might know the general causes of PMS, having a brief overview of the subject may help you decide if trying CBD oil for PMS is something that you want to do.

PMS is a term used for a very diverse variety of symptoms that typically affects women during the time between ovulation and their menstrual period.

During this time, your body goes through a natural process where there are vast changes in many of your hormone levels, as well as serotonin levels. Your body is preparing for menstruation. The side effects of this can include mood swings, anxiety, irritability, depression, headaches, abdominal cramps, bloating, acne, changes in appetite, fatigue, breast sensitivity, sweating, and more.

Over-the-Counter Medications

Remember, PMS is only temporary. It will go away and the symptoms will fade whether you treat them or not. Although, easing your symptoms is the key here. Most of the over-the-counter PMS treatments contain pain relievers and the active ingredient in Benadryl.

Why would anyone use Benadryl for PMS symptoms?

Because it helps with anxiety and mood. Even though it’s an antihistamine, its side effects are actually utilized in this case to help improve your mood.

Did you know that you can get high off of Benadryl?

Yes, it’s true. Not only can you get high off of too much Benadryl, but you can also overdose on it in a very negative way. People have actually died from combining it with other substances.

Over-the-counter PMS drugs are using the negative side effects of Benadryl to try to help with your PMS symptoms. Notably, CBD can help with these same PMS symptoms without having the high or the dangerous or negative side effects.

Some Women Suffer from PMDD (a more severe form of PMS)

Although researchers don’t know exactly what causes it, Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PMDD, is a very severe, sometimes debilitating, form of PMS.

However, research has shown that there is a connection between PMDD and low serotonin levels. Serotonin is a chemical that occurs naturally in your brain. It helps control mood, pain sensory, sleep, and cognitive attention.

The symptoms of PMDD are similar to PMS. However, they are much more severe. The symptoms can affect a woman so much that she may not be able to function in day to day life.

How Can CBD Oil Help With PMS or PMDD Symptoms?

Currently, medical research does not have any clinical data from studies specific to CBD Oil and PMS.

Although, there is much research that supports CBD oil as effective in fighting most of the symptoms of PMS. CBD Oil could help many women that are desperately looking for relief from pain, anxiety, and more.

CBD Oil and Pain Relief

It’s a fact, many people across the world take CBD Oil for all types of pain. Even chronic pain. Many of those people speak very highly of CBD Oil. In fact, there are various scientific studies that indicate CBD might be a totally different category of chemical compounds intended for dealing with chronic pain.

Just one of the much more common studies about CBD pain reduction consists of operative incisions and procedures on rats. The current research shows that CBD drastically lowers both inflammation and pain.

CBD Oil and Anxiety

Many different news stories can be found regarding individuals switching to CBD Oil from their anxiety medications. If you are unsure if it will work, will it hurt to give it a try? Additionally, the anxiety medicines currently available, such as alprazolam, have serious side effects.

One of many different popular research studies on CBD Oil focused on anxiety due to Public Speaking. The results were impressive. The research supports the use of CBD Oil for anxiety disorders.

CBD Oil and Depression

One medical research study found that CBD Oil could help people that suffer from depression. In fact, it could help people without many of the adverse effects other medications have.

Depression is a common symptom of PMS. CBD Oil may help many of the women suffering from depression due to PMS or PMDD. The research suggests that CBD Oil could help with depression in general. The cause of the depression doesn’t necessarily matter if CBD Oil can help.

CBD Oil and Sleep

There is an incredible amount of people in the United States that are taking CBD Oil for sleep. Research shows that CBD Oil consumption led to increased sleep time in rats. PMS can lead to daytime fatigue due to hot flashes during sleep, lack of sleep, or restless sleep. Having good rest during sleep can greatly improve many symptoms of PMS.

CBD Oil and Acne

A medical research article was published in the popular Journal of Clinical Investigation. The research discovered that CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics that help to reduce pimples and acne.

Although acne isn’t necessarily a debilitating condition, it can be very annoying when dealing with PMS. Acne definitely doesn’t help your mood or your confidence when you are cramping, bloated, and in pain.

CBD Oil May Help With PMS and PMDD Symptoms

Look, CBD Oil research suggests many uses that relate to PMS. CBD Oil could help you with PMS. However, the healthcare industry does not yet mention or suggest CBD oil as a treatment for PMS. CBD Oil is a natural remedy that you can safely try for yourself.

Medical research scientists all over the world are constantly making new discoveries about CBD Oil. CBD Oil is not yet a proven PMS treatment, but it couldn’t hurt to try it out for yourself.

Other Possible Ways to Help with PMS Symptoms

  • Use a heating pad on your abdominal area for cramps.
  • Exercise regularly. You may not feel like it, but you will be happy you did it afterwards.
  • Take care of yourself. Self-care is important, especially during PMS.
  • Feed some of your cravings, but try to be healthy in your food choices.
  • Talk to a friend or loved one that understands. Social support is important.

CBD Oil May Help with PMS

For many women, CBD oil may help with PMS. However, it is important to keep in mind that everyone is different. In total, there are around 150 symptoms that are related to PMS. The various symptoms and severity of them will vary from person to person.

If you are looking for new things to try during your special time of the month, CBD Oil may help with your PMS. Try CBD Oil for yourself. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!