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Answers to Your Questions

How Does Your CBD Subscription Box Work?

Choose Your CBD Subscription Box. Pick your favorite flavor. After you buy it, we deliver your CBD Subscription Box to your door! We will continue to ship your CBD Subscription every month. Simple as that ? You may change your flavors, CBD Subscription, or cancel at any time!

Can I upgrade my CBD Subscription?

Yes! You have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Then next time, you will receive what you changed it to.

Which CBD Subscription Box is the Most Popular?

The Mind & Body CBD Subscription Box is definitely the most popular. With our soothing CBD Body Balm included, you can save money and discover the benefits of our proprietary CBD Balm formula.

What Possible Health Issues Could CBD Help With?

As of right now, there is much scientific and medical health research being conducted on CBD. Furthermore, the research studies involve the effects and benefits of CBD on many various areas of a persons health. Although the FDA limits what we can say about the benefits of CBD, we can say the most of the research and research interest indicates or suggests positive things for CBD. Read more at our article here:


Do Your Products Contain Marijuana or THC?

No. All of the Green Girl CBD products are derived from hemp, not marijuana. They are all lab tested to ensure quality and that they are FREE of THC.

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