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A light mint flavor that is sure to improve your mood. Green Girl CBD is proud to present our minty little bottle of happiness. Even though, our bottle isn’t that little. Our 60 mL bottle is twice as big as most others that sell dropper vials of CBD oil.

CBD research shows that CBD Oil can have many health benefits. Some research suggests that CBD:

  • Quickly Improves Chronic Pain
  • Significantly Reduces Inflammation
  • Helps with Quality and Quantity of Sleep
  • Provides Relaxation to Reduce Anxiety or Stress
  • Improve Brain Function

Green Girl Mint CBD Oil is Certified Organic and Lab Tested

Our CBD Oil products were developed through a partnership with Colorado State University. Green Girl CBD Oil comes from our Organic Certified Farm in Colorado. Every batch is lab tested for quality and is made from the highest CBD concentrated Hemp in the United States.

Is CBD Oil the same as Marijuana ?

No! Our CBD Oil is made from Hemp (which is not marijuana). It is THC free and is legal in the United States.

What health conditions can CBD Oil help with?

The current scientific and medical research on CBD (cannabidiol) suggests that it can help with a large variety of health issues. Notably, many healthy people use CBD as well. Even many athletes are known to use CBD Oil. To better answer this question at length, read this article:

Are your CBD Oil products natural or synthetic?

Green Girl CBD Oil is 100% Natural, Certified Organic, hemp-derived CBD Oil. It comes from the highest quality organic Hemp grown in Colorado.

Ingredients: Hemp-Derived CBD extract, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, natural fruit flavoring.

THC FREE – Organic – Natural

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